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Fire protection management is the planning, organization and execution of fire protection measures. In the process, both public law regulations and the company's own standards and requirements must be observed. The fire protection management or the fire protection manager should usually be involved in changes or extensions of the company processes.


We offer:

  • Control, execution control and supervision during construction
  • Efficiency increase of fire protection management systems
  • Implementation of self-inspections
  • Training of employees.
  • Analyses, system and risk analyses in the fire protection field



Many companies are unaware of their lack of or inadequate security posture. They do not know their protection goals.

The way to achieve them is also unclear to them. In addition, they are unfamiliar with the security industry market.
All this leads to high costs and risks - even if not visible at first glance, they are always present.

We offer:

  • Protection needs analysis
  • Vulnerability analysis
  • Needs-based protection measures
  • Evaluation of existing protection concepts
  • Training in the workplace
  • Training of employees



For companies and organizations, the need to deal with company-specific risks arises from their everyday business activities.

The risk analysis makes it clear which scenarios can have a negative impact on the company and the organization and which measures are therefore to be taken as prevention and precaution.


These measures refer to:

  • preventive measures against possible damage
  • or the timely detection of possible damage and hazards
  • the introduction of planned precautionary measures in response to emergencies and crises
  • minimizing damage and restoring the original state in the sense of business continuity management.